How to Use
Brief explanation and quick operation manual


1. Please try one click over the 'SCAGA' in the center of the screen when introduction of SCAGA will appear both in English and Japanese.
2. Contents covered by this Home Page are enumerated on the right hand which are Conference List, Secretariat, Tel, Fax, Emails, Tariffs, Press Notices, CAF,BAF, other charges, Member Lines and Useful Links.
3. When you put your cursor on each trade lane (shown on the upper side of the Top page) which you wish to see, pull-down menu will appear showing names of Conferences for selection.
4. Tariffs publicized on Internet will, at this stage, be limited to J/EFC NT90 Rules (Section I-III), NT98 Section 4 and ANZESC Rules.
5. Press Notices contains both New & Archives.
New Press Notice contains the latest notice only which will be removed to Archives automatically on the next day of an effective date in accordance with guidance by MLIT. The latest notice is currently shown only in English but Japanese translations will be added by the time of practical utilization.
  Archives contain all the Press Notices appeared from year 2000, which can be available for Members (Carriers) only. If you click Archives, you are invited to input user name and password, for which purpose, please contact SCAGA by telephone or email. Please fill in user name and password as provided by SCAGA followed by one click over the field 'OK' when Archives/history will appear in a separate window.
6. CAF, BAF, other charges
All the most up-to-date levels/quantum of CAF, BAF, THC etc can be seen by one-click. This page will be regularly updated. This portion may be further upgraded for better visibility if we clear some technical hurdles.
7. Member Lines
All the Members Lines and relevant Conferences can be seen by one-click.
8. Useful Links
This facility sets up automatic linkage to Member Lines' Websites, where available and FEFC & MRA Websites.
JEFC Taking J/EFC for example:-
Member Lines - All the names of JEFC Member Lines will appear just by one-click.
- If you put the cursor on a Member Line followed by one-click, it will be automatically linked with the Member's website.
- If you wish to close the website, please select 'File' on the menu bar followed by 'close' when the screen will be returned to 'Member Lines'

NT98 Rate Section will appear. Please select 'TARIFF CONTENTS' on the top line when all the available contents will appear. You can move page by page using 'NEXT' or 'BACK' key on the bottom line or you can see the contents of relevant rules by clicking page No.If you wish to log out from the 'TARIFF CONTENTS', please select 'JEFC TOP'.

Press Notices (New) The latest Press Notice of 27th November, 2001 will appear.
Press Notices (Archives) Archives contain all the Press Notices appeared from year 2000, which can be available for Members only.
Please select 'BACK TO FRONT PAGE' to return to the previous page.

CAF, BAF, Other Charges (Quick Ref) Current JEFC CAF, BAF etc. together with effective dates can be seen on this screen.
If you select 'JEFC TOP', you can go back to the JEFC Top Page.
CAF, BAF, Other Charges (History) If you select this option, history of CABAF etc will appear in a separate window. You can go back to the previous page by clicking 'BACK TO FRONT PAGE'.
Rules Selection of this option automatically enables you to gain access to the NT90 Section I-III. If you wish to quit of the tariff, please select 'File' on the top line of the Internet Explorer followed by 'Close'.
Tel, Fax, Emails This facility enables you to find out the direct telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses of person in charges.


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